Why Johan Cruyff was more influential than Pele and Maradona

Johan Cruyff passed away the other day succumbing to lung cancer.He was 68. After an illustrious career as a player and manager at several teams, Cruyff departed. I got an update on my phone from my friend and I was stunned for a few seconds. Johan Cruyff’s name has been regularly used in conversations when […]


Rudolph Giuliani- A leader in a turbulent era

The horror of September 11th The resurgence of New York from the attacks of September 11th spoke highly of the courageous New Yorker. They were driven by their strong and charismatic Mayor -Rudy Giuliani.This is an overview of his leadership skills during the struggle. There were criticisms and tales of great heroics. However, nobody can […]


An evaluation of the media plan which won it for Justin Trudeau

Here is my summary of the  campaign which captivated most modern media observers. Politics and advertising together as a combination has shocked the world with painful and boring ad campaigns in the past.  Justin Trudeau’s election campaign was a highlight of the year 2015 and his victory was well earned. The media plan showed the […]

The evil that men do

Stealing ideas-The worst crime in the cyber age

Killing originality Why does one always lose sleep over what is his ? I remember hearing this joke about a guy who got confused between an apostrophe and an apostle and the irony that while one disowns all possession, the other purely signifies ownership. Etymology as a subject has always interested me and its become […]